We provide software solutions for office / business management / education / hotels, as per the requirement, such as ERP, SAP, inventory, payroll, visitor management etc.

Visitor Management For Hotels.

Photo-ID, Visitor Pass in few seconds. Fast registration process. Option to stop the black-listed persons. System will give dynamic information on visitor status, visitor statistics, etc.

This system utilizes the latest technology which enhances the security in the facility. Employees and visitors will feel more secure and protected and it will create a great first impression on the corporate image.

  • Recognize the visitor with history data
  • Visitor Pass with photograph
  • Black-listing option to stop unwanted visitor
  • Can integrate with RFID/Smart Cards for Access Control
  • Can integrate with Legacy systems (Canteen Management, Access Control, Contract Employee Management etc.)
  • An intelligent system that understand your visitors
Visitors Register facility

The Visitor Register Facility offers a comfortable way for entering visitors and hosts details, purpose of visit etc. Details of appointments and previous visits of a visitor can be retrieved automatically.

Appointment Management

Basic appointment features included. The officials in the organization can schedule the appointments.

Contract Labour Management System

We provide custom-made Contract Labourmanagement Solution based on Facial Recognition System.

To bring down the total cost, we can integrate the Face with Bar Codes even. Especially in the case of Contract Labourers, they never work for longer period - they come and work for 1-2 months and disappear. In such scenario, it is difficult for the company to invest on RFID/Proximity based solution as the consumable cost is high.

Finger Prints generally not suitable for dusty and oily environment. Therefore, our unique solution using Face + Barcode gives a very cost effective and efficient system to manage the time-office work.

  • At the time of enrolment, we can remove the duplication and impersonation
  • Photo-ID pass can be issued to all the workers in a few minutes.
  • Reprinting of the ID Pass is again 1-2 minutes work.
  • Scalable for Access Control with turnstile and boom barriers.
  • Black-listed persons and trouble-makers can be stopped at the gate
  • Suitable alert mechanism can be set against invalid cards / black-listed persons
  • Basic Work-order/Job Order mapping with Contractors and its employees is possible.
  • If a Work Order is closed, automatically all the employees mapped to the WO get invalid
  • Contractor bill settlement can be done faster.
  • Attendance data can be integrated with any other HRMS/ERP system.
  • Plant (company) wise restriction for labors/contractor.
  • Attendance approval process for labors on daily basis by authorized person inside the plant.
  • Quota approval process by authorized person every time when added.
  • Contractor/Contract approval process by authorized person.
  • Mail alert for each approval process to the authorized person
  • Labors restriction in case if quota full for particular day.
  • Labors/contractor restriction in case they are blacklisted/terminated by higher authority.
  • According to IN, OUT Punches Working Hours will be calculated.
  • Skill set wise wages report for labors/contractor.
  • Detail reports of all regarding labors/contractors related activities.

A cost-effective Time & Attendance Solution using Facial Biometrics.

Want to avoid buddy punching, clock padding and general inaccuracy of time capture OR are you fed up with errors in capturing attendance time manually OR spending a lot of time doing the difficult task of consolidating data from various sources? Would you prefer to have a system as easy to use as fingerprint with more durability, accuracy and data usability? Please see the features below.

  • Visual view of video input
  • Visual view of face detection
  • History / Enrolled / Suspects view
  • Voice alerts during system operation
  • Easy to use graphic interface
  • Fast and accurate face verification
  • Facial Recognition customizable engine
  • Generic video interface (Win 32/64 API)
  • Real time facial detection
  • Real time facial matching
  • Enhanced matching mechanism (Matching attempts)
  • Adjustable image processing
  • User Management / Time Zones
  • Customizable Time Attendance system (optional)
  • Log Browser including visual history
  • User Privacy mode - no image savings (optional)
Canteen Management Solution

The system provide easy and faster method to manage the Canteen Token system. A touch screen based Kiosk makes it easy for the employee to select his own menu from the options and gets his token.

Canteen Manager can dispense the food against this token. If an employee is not present for the current shift, he/she cannot use the system and token cannot be availed. Employee will get only what is permitted to him/her.

No dispute between Company and Canteen Contractor on the food dispensed.

Faster settlement of Canteen Bills.